Pipkin, a film by Pamela Wyn Shannon & Linda McCarthy, has been in production for the last eight months and is now finished. It is a stop-motion animation bringing visual life to the song Pipkin which is composed and performed by Pamela Wyn Shannon from her album Courting Autumn. http://www.girlhenge.com/

Pipkin is a sycamore seed who is blown by the wind. His journey explores the relationship between landscape, folk memory and finding a place of belonging within the cycles of life.

Pamela has made the puppets and props for the film with needle felted plant-dyed wool.

Pipkin on Teasel

It is a joyous ‘coming of age’  when Pipkin rises up out of a bed of leaves and is greeted by the Green Seed Pod Queen.

Hadcyn is the Welsh Version of Pipkin, translated by Sion Aled Owen and also performed by Pamela. This project has been supported by the Arts Council of Wales.

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